vol. 1/6 (November 2022)

News of November 2022

News about philosophy and its history in November 2022

Opportunities in November 2022

Career and research opportunities in November 2022

Los estudios sobre el platonismo cusano y la gestión universitaria en Argentina: entrevista con Prof. Claudia D’Amico

In this interview, Prof Claudia D’Amico (UNLP-UBA/CONICET) discusses the most emblematic moments of her career as a specialist on Nicholas of Cusa’s reception of Plato and other Platonic philosophers, like Proclus. D’Amico also draws a path for the future of medieval studies in Argentina and Latin America in relation to the innovations in the teaching of philosophy and interregional dialogue.
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Filosofía escolástica, historia colonial y sociedad chilena: Una entrevista con Abel Aravena Zamora sobre el reto de la divulgación

How may the study of Second Scholasticism be connected to societal problems such as cultural identity in postcolonial settings? And how can a young researcher contribute to the rediscovery of the cultural treasures of his land when our societies are always projected towards the future, so often forgetting about their past? In this interview with Abel Aravena Zamora, we explore these and other issues that characterise the lives of many young researchers in medieval philosophy worldwide. More specifically, we shall discuss his daring idea of making “capsules” to foster his outreach strategy and maximise the impact of his research on society.
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Recently published books and volumes

Our selection of books for November 2022

Filologa e matematica. Il percorso formativo di Margherita Fantoli nelle Digital Humanities

This month, we interview Margherita Fantoli, who leads many projects in the Digital Humanities at KU Leuven. During the interview, she told us about her interests, occupation and current projects. Margherita gave us some insights about her work as a digital humanist and the tools she uses. The conversation also expanded on Margherita’s training from her beginnings as a philologist and mathematician to her professional development in the Digital Humanities. The short interview with Margherita will let you to know more about Margherita, her personal and academic story, the projects she is carrying and – of course – those which she would like to develop.
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Laura Busetto

The small portrait #6 features the work of Laura Busetto. Laura is a PhD Student at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris (France) and, simultaneously, at the Fondazione San Carlo in Modena (Italy). She did her undergraduate studies at the Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy), where her interest in the medieval world began. Initially, she worked on medieval female thought – a topic that remains one of her primary interests.
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