Small Portraits (11_2022)

by Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva

Laura Busetto

November 2022 – The small portrait #6 features the work of Laura Busetto. Laura is a PhD Student at the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris (France) and, simultaneously, at the Fondazione San Carlo in Modena (Italy). She did her undergraduate studies at the Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy), where her interest in the medieval world began. Initially, she worked on medieval female thought – a topic that remains one of her primary interests. Accordingly, her BA dissertation was devoted to the figure of Hildegard of Bingen (12th century) and the concept of viriditas. During her MA, she focused on the early Middle Ages, particularly on the work of John Scotus Eriugena (9th century). As such, she studied Greek and Latin patristic texts as Eriugenian sources. For her PhD, the Irish thinker remains the main object of her research. She aims to investigate the doctrine of meontology in relation to the logic one in the Eriugenian corpus with special attention to the power of words from a gnoseological and creative point of view. The first outcome of this research was presented at the XVth International Congress of SIEPM in Paris as a talk titled “The Limits of Dialectics in Eriugena’s Periphyseon”. 

Laura is also interested in theology. Indeed, she has attended the Facoltà Teologica del Triveneto as an auditor and now her doctoral scholarship is co-financed by the Fondazione Pietro Lombardini per gli studi ebraico-cristiani. 

Among her publications, one can find “Concordia o discordia Patrum? Escatologia in Giovanni Scoto Eriugena, Viven Homo (2021), 401-436” or “L’analogia nel Periphyseon di Eriugena come struttura cosmologica e dispositivo speculativo, Doctor Virtualis 18 (forthcoming)”. If you want to know more about Laura’s research, check her profile out.