Editorial Team

About IPM Monthly

IPM Monthly is a magazine on Medieval Philosophy that aims at sharing valuable information about the field, as well as reflecting on its paths, issues, and future by engaging with the philosophical community. It started 5 years ago as Iberica Philosophica Mediaevalia, the SOFIME newsletter, through the initiative of Nicola Polloni. Now, we are glad to present an updated, improved version including new and challenging sections that we hope will strengthen our field though discussions, conversations, and insights.

Editorial responsibilities and internal structure

Chief Editor: Nicola Polloni

Secretary: Maria Eduarda Dias Pinto Machado

Section editor, “Digital Humanities”: Nicolás Lázaro

Section editor, “Hot Off the Press”: Mário Correia

Section editor, “News From the Field”: Francisco Iversen

Section editor, “Opportunities” : Gianluca Ronca

Section editor, “Philosophy and the Academy”: Guido Alt

Section editor, “Philosophy and Community”: Sarah Virgi

Section editor, “Small Portraits”: Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva

The team members introducing themselves