vol. 1/7 (December 2022)

News of December 2022

News about philosophy and its history in December 2022

Opportunities in December 2022

Career and research opportunities in December 2022

Envisioning the Future of Medieval Philosophy

What are the biggest challenges that the study of medieval philosophy is going to face in the near future? And what should young researchers be expecting from a future that seems so dire and unpredictable for our discipline? We have asked thirteen international scholars to engage with these crucial questions and share their hopes and advice with our community. We hope that the plurality of voices, languages, experiences, and visions collected in this short docufilm will contribute to foster a hands-on, inclusive, and open discussion about the state of our field.
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Cultura pop, libertad y determinismo en los límites de la Edad Media y la Modernidad: Entrevista con Natalia Strok

¿Es posible hablar sobre Star Wars, Harry Potter, Avatar the last Airbender y al mismo tiempo enseñar Filosofía? ¿Acaso tenemos libre albedrío y decisiones reales? ¿Cuál es el límite entre la Filosofía Medieval y la Moderna? Las respuestas a estas preguntas y tantas más vienen de la mano de Natalia Strok (UBA-UNLP/CONICET). Natalia nos cuenta sobre su investigación acerca de la historia del platonismo y relata su camino por la academia y la docencia.
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Women Philosophers and Their Communities: An Interview with Prof. Christina Van Dyke

The history of medieval philosophy in Christian Europe often portrays the philosophical scene in the Middle Ages as being dominated by the intellectual debates that took place within the universities. By virtue of this institutional context, this history accounts mainly for the scholastic tradition and, consequently, for a tradition in which only men were allowed to participate. However, this was not the only philosophical scene in Europe during this period. As Christina Van Dyke shows in her new book, about which we will be speaking in this interview, there were other intellectual circles in the Christian Middle Ages where women played a crucial role and where they could make themselves be heard: mysticism and contemplativism.
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Recently published books and volumes

Our selection of books for December 2022

Minimal Computing: Reseña de dos cursos

El curso brindado por las universidad de Maryland (UMD, EE.UU.) y del Salvador (USAL, Argentina) es parte de la iniciativa “Global Classrooms”, cuyo objetivo consistió en brindar todas las herramientas necesarias para “crear y evaluar sitios web desde una perspectiva crítica y centrada en las humanidades”. A partir de la filosofía del minimal computing, el curso privilegió “el uso de tecnologías abiertas, la propiedad de los datos y el código, la reducción de la infraestructura informática y, en consecuencia, el impacto ambiental”. El resultado esperado es que los participantes, al finalizar su formación, estén capacitados para realizar ediciones críticas o académicas de los textos fuentes, incorporar herramientas digitales a sus investigaciones, clases y publicaciones.
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Giuseppe Colonna

For our small portrait #7 – and before 2022 ends – meet Giuseppe Colonna! Giuseppe is a PhD Candidate at the University of Oxford. He works on a thesis about Being in Time in Simplicius, under the direction of Cecilia Trifogli (All Souls College, Oxford). Simplicius, one of the greatest Neoplatonic commentators of Aristotle, tries to solve some problems within the Aristotelian account of being in time. Aristotle gives some criteria to distinguish things in time (concrete things) and things not in time (heavens and souls). However, he does not precise the essential feature that distinguishes the former from the latter, in other words, what the real significance of being in time is. Giuseppe’s research aims to explore Simplicius’ solutions to this problem and to assess how this contributes to the understanding of the nature of time within metaphysics.
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“Хранители” – The Soviet version of The Lord of the Rings you need to watch

The Coffee Break of our December issue invites you to dive into a “different” representation of Tolkien’s universe. You have enjoyed Peter Jackson’s trilogy of The Lord of the Rings and you might have been puzzled by the later trilogy The Hobbit (as many of us did). Now that 2022 is coming to an end, you have probably survived countless discussions, controversies, debates, and fights about Amazon’s The Rings of Power. Perhaps, you think you want some rest from Tolkien and the manifold ways in which the universe he created can be represented on the screen, waiting to listen to some Kzoo panels on the topic in the spring of 2023.
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