Small Portraits (12_2022)

by Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva

Giuseppe Colonna

December 2022 – For our small portrait #7 – and before 2022 ends – meet Giuseppe Colonna! Giuseppe is a PhD Candidate at the University of Oxford. He works on a thesis about Being in Time in Simplicius, under the direction of Cecilia Trifogli (All Souls College, Oxford). Simplicius, one of the greatest Neoplatonic commentators of Aristotle, tries to solve some problems within the Aristotelian account of being in time. Aristotle gives some criteria to distinguish things in time (concrete things) and things not in time (heavens and souls). However, he does not precise the essential feature that distinguishes the former from the latter, in other words, what the real significance of being in time is. Giuseppe’s research aims to explore Simplicius’ solutions to this problem and to assess how this contributes to the understanding of the nature of time within metaphysics. 

Giuseppe studied philosophy at the University of Italian Switzerland (MA), Music Performance at the Conservatoire of Bari (MFA), and medieval studies in Rome (Diplôme Européen d’Études Médiévales – FIDEM). His interests include ancient and medieval metaphysics, philosophy of religion, aesthetics, and palaeography. 

Moreover, Giuseppe is currently the president of the Oxford Society of Metaphysics. Previously, he was committee member of the British Postgraduate Philosophy Association, Oxford Medieval Studies, and the Oxford Philosophy Graduate Conference. For more information on Giuseppe’s research click here