Envisioning the Future of Medieval Philosophy (12_2022)

Envisioning the Future of Medieval Philosophy

by IPM Monthly Team

December 2022 – What are the biggest challenges that the study of medieval philosophy is going to face in the near future? And what should young researchers be expecting from a future that seems so dire and unpredictable for our discipline? We have asked thirteen international scholars to engage with these crucial questions and share their hopes and advice with our community. We hope that the plurality of voices, languages, experiences, and visions collected in this short docufilm will contribute to foster a hands-on, inclusive, and open discussion about the state of our field. Let us express our gratitude to the thirteenth interviewees (Filipa Afonso, Valeria Buffon, Richard Cross, Görge Hasselhoff, Natalia Jakubecki, Isabel León Sanz, Francisco O’Reilly, Roberto Hofmeister Pich, Josep Puig Montada, Aurélien Robert, Vera Rodrigues, Cecilia Rusconi, and Cecilia Trifogli), the interviewers (Maria Eduarda Dias Pinto Machado and Meagan Allen), and the editor of this video (Mário João Correia).