vol. 1/3 (July 2022)

News of July 2022

News about philosophy and its history in July 2022

Opportunities in July 2022

Career and research opportunities in July 2022

Research on Medieval Philosophy in China: An Interview with Tianyue Wu

Research on medieval philosophy is global in many ways, and in this section of IPM we have been discussing the individual projects from, and spaces for cooperation between, scholars from various parts of the globe. Today we dedicate this issue to research on Western medieval philosophy practiced in China. We are delighted to have Tianyue Wu joining us for an interview. We have talked about Tianyue’s latest research projects, his academic path towards choosing to do medieval philosophy, his teaching on medieval philosophy as an associate professor in Peking, among much else. In particular, we have further talked about the context of research in medieval philosophy in China, and the kinds of forum there already are and that can be created to foster collaboration between scholars in China and in Europe and the Americas.
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Introducing Medieval Arabic Philosophy in a Portuguese High School, with an Interview with Elisabete Silva Santos

How much do high school students in Portugal know about Medieval Arabic Philosophy? This question is especially pertinent given that what is today Portugal was once under the political rule and cultural influence of Islamic dynasties. Together with Spain, it constituted the most western region of the Muslim dominion and one of the most important intellectual centers in the Middle Ages: al-Andalus. Thus, one would expect that there would be a greater awareness of the medieval Arabic philosophical tradition in this context than in other parts of the European continent. However, this is not quite the case. In fact, this intellectual heritage is often neglected outside the academic milieu.
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Recently published books and volumes

Our selection of books for July 2022

Humanidades Digitales en contexto: Entrevista con Gimena del Río Riande sobre los desafíos y las oportunidades en América Latina

En esta entrevista repasamos los inicios de Gimena del Río Riande en el campo de las Humanidades Digitales, algunas reflexiones en torno a la tarea e identidad del humanista digital y, finalmente, nos comparte su visión sobre los desafíos y las oportunidades que las HDs comportan para Latinoamérica.
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Jonathan Greig

The Small Portrait #3 highlights the work of Jonathan Greig. Jonathan is a postdoctoral research fellow based at KU Leuven (Belgium) – supported by the Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) – working on the influence of Neoplatonism and late antique Aristotelian commentators in Byzantium. 
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The São João Festival of Porto

The month of June is marked by several popular festivals that celebrate the patrons of various places in Portugal. St. Anthony, St. John, St. Peter, are the saints who give name to the most prominent festivals of this time of the year. Every year, St. John the Baptist Day is celebrated on June 24th in various places on the planet. In Portugal, the tradition continues. However, St. John is not the patron saint of the city of Porto, its celebration is due to different reasons, which we will present later. Although June 24th is the official holiday of the celebration, it is on the night of the 23rd that this festival has its greatest expression, bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in Porto’s downtown. From the end of the afternoon, after work, those who walk through the streets and alleys of Porto feel the excitement of the party, either in the smell of brazier and the first grilled sardines in the street, or in the colourful decorations that fill the facades of the historical Porto.
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