Medieval Philosophy in China (07_2022)

Research on Medieval Philosophy in China: An Interview with Tianyue Wu

by Guido Alt

Research on medieval philosophy is global in many ways, and in this section of IPM we have been discussing the individual projects from, and spaces for cooperation between, scholars from various parts of the globe. Today we dedicate this issue to research on Western medieval philosophy practiced in China. We are delighted to have Tianyue Wu joining us for an interview. We have talked about Tianyue’s latest research projects, his academic path towards choosing to do medieval philosophy, his teaching on medieval philosophy as an associate professor in Peking, among much else. In particular, we have further talked about the context of research in medieval philosophy in China, and the kinds of forum there already are and that can be created to foster collaboration between scholars in China and in Europe and the Americas.

About Tianyue Wu

Tianyue Wu is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Peking University in Beijing, China. He does research on Latin medieval philosophy, and has focused on themes such as free will, emotions and the mind in Augustine and Thomas Aquinas. His contributions to these themes have been published on journals such as the Review of Metaphysics, Oxford Studies in Medieval Philosophy, Res Philosophica, and Recherches de Théologie et Philosophie Médiévales.