Small Portraits (02_2023)

by Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva

Leonardo Chiocchetti

February 2023 – Leonardo Chiocchetti is a PhD student at the Munich School of Ancient Philosophy, LMU-Munich (Germany). He is currently working under the supervision of Professor Christof Rapp. His thesis deals with the philosophical roots of ancient Greek grammar, focusing on the work of Apollonius Dyscolus and the Scholia to the Grammatical Handbook. Leonardo aims to show that ancient grammar was influenced not only by Stoic ontology and philosophy of language but also by other Hellenistic schools. In Apollonius’ case, many of his epistemological, semantical, and logical tenets seem to stem from a Peripatetic framework rather than a Stoic one. With this syncretistic background in mind, several grammatical texts which are philosophically dense become easier to interpret.

Leonardo obtained both his BA and MA at Roma Tre University (Italy). His bachelor’s dissertation focused on Lucretius’ criticism of the Presocratics in the first book of De rerum natura, whereas his master’s thesis analysed Plato’s attempt to account for false statements in the Sophist. Additionally, Leonardo mastered his knowledge of Latin and Ancient Greek at the Italian Institute of Classical Studies in Rome, where he currently teaches Latin by using the inductive-contextual method. He is also interested in contemporary philosophy of language, logic, and metaphysics. He occasionally exploits the tools of those disciplines to interpret and clarify ancient texts. For more information about Leonardo’s work, you can check his profile.