Small Portraits (03_2023)

by Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva

Matilde Berti

March 2023 – For March, let me introduce you to yet another promising Italian scholar working abroad! Matilde Berti is a PhD Student in Classics at Durham University (UK), with Prof. Phillip Horky and Prof. Anna Marmodoro as supervisors. She has been awarded an AHRC studentship via the Northern Bridge Consortium (NBCDTP) in October 2021. Matilde currently works on Early Greek philosophy and Plato within the framework of her doctoral project ‘The Relation of Parts and Wholes in Plato’. Her dissertation traces the roots of Plato’s account of a variety of relations between constituent parts and resulting entities, contained within previous Greek philosophy (i.e., cosmology, physics, medicine, and metaphysics). She aims to determine the Presocratic building blocks that shape the Platonic notions of ‘Part’. ‘All’, and ‘Whole’, thus enhancing the understanding of both Platonic and Presocratic Metaphysics.

Matilde received her BA (2018) and MA (2020) in Philosophy from the University of Pisa (Italy), under the direction of Prof. Bruno Centrone. There, she focused on Plato and Aristotle and became interested in their reception in the Old Academy. Initially, her research focused on Speusippus and Xenocrates, relying on Aristotle as primary source, whereas her MA thesis dealt with Xenocrates’s metaphysics and his doctrine of Principles. Matilde’s interests range from Presocratic philosophy to Late Antiquity, including metaphysics, cosmology, ontology, and ethics. For more information on her research click here.