Small Portraits (06_2022)

by Rodrigo Ballon Villanueva

David Anzalone

David is a PHD Candidate at the University of Lucerne, Switzerland, where he works on his thesis “Plato as seen by Aristotle, as seen by Medieval Commentators on the Metaphysics between the 1230s and the 1350s” with the generous support of the Swiss National Science Foundation (doc.CH grant). The aim of this project is to inquire into the medieval reception of Plato’s doctrine of the principles as presented in Aristotle’s Metaphysics starting from edited and unedited medieval commentaries on the Metaphysics. Special relevance is given to the relationship between Plato’s first principle which is one and being itself (Met. B 4) and the medieval doctrine of God as being itself.

His interests in the history of ancient and medieval philosophy are also linked with contemporary metaphysics and philosophy of religion. Contemporary debates about time have led him to write on Augustine. His article “Augustine on the Existence of the Past and the Future” was published in the Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie in 2021. Together with R.T. Mullins and Ben Page, he co-edited a special issue of TheoLogica, “Theological Explorations in Time and Space” (open access).

Under the supervision of Giovanni Ventimiglia, David has been involved in launching the new Online Master’s in Philosophy, Theology, and Religions, which focuses on the long history of the fruitful dialogue between philosophy and the Abrahamic religions.