News From the Field (05_2022)

by Francisco Iversen and Gianluca Ronca

New Book Series

Global Perspectives on the History of Natural Philosophy

Routledge | Series Editors: Yael Kedar, Cecilia Panti, Nicola Polloni | Editorial Committee: Veronique Decaix, Shixiang Jin, Andreas Lammer, Matteo Martelli, Cecilia Trifogli, Linwei Wang.

Fostering a new approach to the study of the history of natural philosophy this series aims to expand the discussion on natural philosophy cross-culturally and comparatively by focusing on the philosophical reasoning about nature developed particularly, but not exclusively, in three main cultural settings: Europe, the Middle East, and China. One of the main focal points of Global Perspectives on the History of Natural Philosophy is the interplay between philosophical and scientific concepts, stances, and problems arising from the premodern consideration of nature, broadly considered. Accordingly, the series provides a cutting-edge framework in which natural philosophy can be considered from new philosophically meaningful angles. Acknowledging the historical interweaving of philosophy and science of nature, the series publishes monographs and edited volumes dealing with the history of natural philosophy from three methodological perspectives: philosophical analysis, historical reconstruction, and comparative studies. Submitted manuscripts may either examine authors and issues from a specific philosophical tradition or engage comparatively with patterns and problems shared by different cultural settings.

Daoism and the Human Experience

Bloomsbury | Series Editor: David Chai | Editorial Committee: Lisa Raphals, Robin Wang, Franklin Perkins, Eric S. Nelson, Thomas Michael, James Sellmann, Robert E. Allinson, Chris Fraser, Bret Davis, Zongqi Cai, Zhihua Yao.

Daoism and the Human Experience creates a platform to explore, question, and learn about the ways Daoist thought can elucidate aspects of the human experience that have become neglected, ignored, or misunderstood in the two-and-half millennia since Daoism’s founding. The impact of Daoism on the philosophical, literary, aesthetic, medicinal, scientific, ecological, and religious aspects of China are well known but what of the rest of the world? What can Daoism contribute to our understanding of these aspects of the human experience in other parts of East Asia, or in Europe, India, Africa, the Americas, and the Islamic world? By making the Daoist perspective of human experience the foci of discussion, Daoism and the Human Experience invites book proposals that deepen our understanding of Daoism, irrespective of the discipline, historical period, whether singular or comparative in scope, or intracultural or cross-cultural in framework.

Conferences and Meetings

Cologne Lectures in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy: Nadja Germann, “Weisheit und Sprache. Die klassische arabische Tradition”

Köln, 19 May 2022 | info

Maps and Society: ‘Turning the world inside out: T-O maps in an English almanac (c 1420)’

The Warburg Institute, 19 May 2022 | info

Animals in Islamic Theology and Literature

Munich School of Ancient Philosophy, LMU Munich, 20-21 May 2022 | info

Hume desde Latinoamérica

Universidad Nacional de la Plata, 24 May and every Tuesday until 7 June 2022 | info

Banquetes, Recepção e Hospitalidade no Mediterrâneo Antigo

Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, 23-28 May 2022 | info

Online Incubator Conference on Philosophy in the Islamic world

Princeton, 25-26 May 2022 | website

Person and Intentionality: Aquinas, Scotus, Stein

Prague, 26-28 May 2022 | website

De la Escolástica Medieval a la Segunda escolástica: Figuras de la Transición

Madrid, 27 May 2022 | info

Divergent Scholasticism: Philosophical Thought and Scholastic Tradition between Europe and the Americas, 1500-1700, Third Meeting

Playa Ancha and Leuven, 27 May 2022 | info

Ciclo de conferencias en torno a la filosofía práctica aristotélica: Carlo Natali, “La saggezza secondo Aristotele in EN VI”

Universidad Nacional del Litoral, 27 May 2022 | info

Paradigma Medievale: Armando Bisogno, “Agostino: il filosofo e il pastore”

Salerno, 29 May 2022 | info

2nd Notre Dame University-KU Leuven Collaborative Workshop in Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

Leuven, 1-2 June 2022 | info

Symposium Thomisticum V

Cracow, 2-4 June 2022 | website

Digital Philology meets Computational Linguistics: Methods and Resources: Third and Fourth Workshops

Venice, 9-10 June 2022 | info

Late Medieval Hylomorphism: Matter and Form 1300–1600

Leuven, 9-11 June 2022 | info

Ciclo de conferencias en torno a la filosofía práctica aristotélica: Andrés Rosler, “Aristóteles y la autonomía de lo político”

Universidad Nacional del Litoral, 24 June 2022 | info