News From the Field (03_2023)

by IPM Monthly Team

Calendar of Conferences and Meetings

I Congreso Internacional de Filosofía Mexicana: “Repensarnos a 80 años de la Filosofía en México de Samuel Ramos”

Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Toluca (MX), 21-24 March 2023

Archbishop Wulfstan and his Anglo-Saxon World

Worcester Cathedral, 24-25 March 2023 | info

XVII Jornadas de cultura clásica

Sevilla y Santipoce (ES), 24-26 March 2023 | info

Inauguração da Exposição “Visão de Deus”

Bull & Stein Gallery, Porto (PT), 25 March 2023 | info

Truth & Time in the Middle Ages

Trinity College, Cambridge (UK), 27-29 March 2023 | info

Forme del pensiero matematico tra passato e presente

University of Rome Tor Vergata, Rome (IT), 29-30 March 2023 | info

Che Cos’è un Embrione? Il Dibattito sulla Natura dell’Embrione tra Antichità e Medioevo

Università dell’Aquila, Aquila (IT), 30-31 March 2023 | info

Séance du Gramminaire

Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris (FR), 31 March 2023 | info

Medieval Philosophy in the UK Meeting

London and online, 31 March 2023 | info

Journée Incipit 2023 du Centre Pierre Abélard: Alessandra Beccarisi, “Albert le Grand et la philosophie”

Paris, 1 April 2023 | info

Vicious, Sinful, Antisocial: Workshop in Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

University of Jyväskylä (FI), 3-4 April 2023 | info

Conférences Pierre Abélard 2023: Robert Pasnau, “Construire la volonté”

Paris, 4-5 and 11-12 April 2023 | info

Lecture by Elena Baltuta, “Between Cogitative Power and Rational Soul: Intelligible Species in Roger Bacon”

KU Leuven, 4 April 2023 | info

Cognizing as Being in the History of Philosophy

University of Notre Dame (US), 12-13 April 2023 | info

Conférences Pierre Abélard 2023: Lucy Pick, “The Earliest Latin Maimonides, the ‘Reasons for the Commandments,’ and the Perfection of the Soul”

Paris, 18 April 2023 | info

Lecture by Abel Aravena Zamora, “Doing Philosophy in Colonial Chile: Authors, Works, and Manuscripts from the 17th to the 19th Centuries”

KU Leuven, 20 April 2023 | info

Albert the Great on the Human Being: An Interdisciplinary Colloquium

Fribourg (Switzerland), 28-29 April 2023 | info

Non-Cartesian Philosophies of Mind: Early Modern Alternatives

University of Oulu (FI), 23-24 May 2023

Scotism and Platonism: A New Appraisal

University of Bonn (DE), 25-26 May 2023 | info

The Mechanization of the Natural World 1300-1700

University of Stockholm (SE), 25-28 May 2023 | info

2023 AAIWG International Conference

Marmara University, Istanbul (TK), 29 May-1 June 2023 | info

Symposium Thomisticum VI

Barcelona (ES), 1-3 June 2023 | info

Quantity, Extension, and Infinity in the 13th and 14th Centuries

Tel Hai College (IL), 5-7 June 2023

Sight and Light in the Late Middle Ages

KU Leuven (BE), 12-13 June 2023 | info

17th Annual Marquette Summer Seminar on Aristotle and the Aristotelian Traditions

Marquette University, Milwaukee (US) 19-21 June 2023 | info

Animal Minds in the Early Modern Age

KU Leuven (BE), 23 June 2023 | info

Congreso Tomista Internacional

Universidad de los Andes, Santiago (CL), 28-30 June 2023

Special Event at IMC Leeds: “Philosophical Entanglements in the Middle Ages: Nature and Science”

Co-organised by KU Leuven, UCLouvain, and IF-UPorto, Leeds (UK), 4-5 July 2023 | info

IPM Monthly Round Table: “What Did Medieval Philosophy Do for Us? Cross-Disciplinary Entanglements”

IMC Leeds (UK), 4 July 2023

Summer School: Seafarers in Ancient Greece: Pirates, Sailors, Colonizers

University of Corfu (GR), 10-22 July 2023 | info

XII Jornadas Historia Moderna y Contemporánea

Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (AR), 24-26 July 2023 | info