The Road to SCTA (06_2022)

The Road to SCTA: Scholastic Commentaries and Texts Archive – An Interview with Jeffrey Witt

by Nicolás Lázaro

The interview took place on 26 May 2022.

In this interview we explore Jeffrey’s approach to the DHs, and the limitations he found when working and presenting medieval manuscripts. His interests in creating a double apparatus led him to the XML-TEI (and related tools) and the possibility of separating the semantic-data he was creating from how it was presented. He also gives some insights on the SCTA project he is leading, as well as what benefits can a scholar get when working in the Digital Humanities.

About Jeffrey Witt

Jeffrey Witt is a specialist in high- and late-medieval philosophy and theology. His present work focuses on the fourteenth century, but he is also interested in the impact of Scholasticism on the Renaissance, the Reformation, and early modern philosophy. He is now an associate professor in philosophy at Loyola University Maryland. He has also has interests in Digital Humanities and the process of moving philosophical texts from their original manuscript form to media more accessible to the community of scholars (please see the ongoing development of the Scholastic Commentaries and Texts Archive at, and the LombardPress Publication Project, and an example of this kind of publication at,