Coffee Break

The Coffee Break section of IPM Monthly is an open space to delve into cultural and artistic creativity. Like any coffee breaks, it is a space of fruition and re-creation from which you can get inspirational insights about something unexpected.

Vicente Lusitano: The missing “Luso African“ composer

October 2022 – Vicente Lusitano was a renowned composer and music theorist of the 16th century. He was born in Olivença, at the time a small Portuguese town. He benefited from musical training from an early age by private teachers who had a close connection with the bishopric and with the bishop himself. This fact led him to be recommended to D. Afonso de Lencastre, Portuguese ambassador to the Holy See, in Italy. In Rome he found recognition as a teacher, theorist, and musician, and was ordained a priest. He later converts to Protestantism and marries, emigrating to Germany, where he ends up in financial decline and without a residence permit, and where his trace disappears, probably at the hands of the Inquisition.
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Iberica Phantasia Medievalia: The House of the Dragon, la precuela de Game of Thrones

Septiembre 2022 – Casi no fue una serie sino una película, a lo que G. R. R. Martin se negó. Fue la primera serie transmitida en un IMAX, lo que sucedió en enero de 2015 cuando se proyectaron los dos últimos capítulos de la cuarta temporada durante una semana y se recaudaron millones. Superó al máximo de audiencia que HBO había logrado con Los soprano en 2002, cuando llegó en 2014 a un promedio de 18.6 millones de espectadores. Fue la serie más galardonada con premios Emmy, acumulando 38 en total de los cuales 12 los consiguió en la misma noche de 2015. Decayó a un nivel exponencial – desde mediados de 2016 con la salida de la temporada 6 hasta fines del 2019 con la finalización de la inmunda temporada 8 – al punto de que no se puede comprender como actores que trabajaron en ella defienden semejante insulto a la serie que vio la boda roja. Hablamos, obviamente, de GOT.
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The São João Festival of Porto

July 2022 – The month of June is marked by several popular festivals that celebrate the patrons of various places in Portugal. St. Anthony, St. John, St. Peter, are the saints who give name to the most prominent festivals of this time of the year. Every year, St. John the Baptist Day is celebrated on June 24th in various places on the planet. In Portugal, the tradition continues. However, St. John is not the patron saint of the city of Porto, its celebration is due to different reasons, which we will present later. Although June 24th is the official holiday of the celebration, it is on the night of the 23rd that this festival has its greatest expression, bringing together hundreds of thousands of people in Porto’s downtown. From the end of the afternoon, after work, those who walk through the streets and alleys of Porto feel the excitement of the party, either in the smell of brazier and the first grilled sardines in the street, or in the colourful decorations that fill the facades of the historical Porto.
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The Ros Beiaard of Dendermonde

June 2022 – Every ten years, in the Flemish town of Dendermonde, Belgium, something unique takes place. The quiet town is suddenly invaded by thousands of people coming from all over Belgium and abroad (more than eighty thousand in 2022). Starting from the banks of the river Scheldt, a historical costume parade of hundreds of Dendermondenaars (the town residents) and actors slowly marches through the streets of Dendermonde, representing with costumes and chariots the long history of this town and the legend of the Ros Beiaard. The majestic parade is crowned and closed by the Ros Beiaard, from which the festival takes its name. A gigantic wooden horse is brought around by the pijnders, three groups of twelve people that in turns carry the huge beast around and simulate the moves of a real horse. On top of it, four kids ride the horse. They are four brothers (also in real life) that represent the heemskinderen – Renaud de Montauban and his three brothers from the legend of the Beiaard. A huge crowd cheers the passage of the Ros Beiaard singing an old Flemish song (’t Ros Beyaert doet zyn ronde, in de Stadt van Dendermonde, ….) while an ecstatic feeling permeates tourists and locals alike.
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The Breaker of Narratives

May 2022 – Andrea Fagioli’s artistic production is marked by the artist’s constant dialogue with the flow of time. Playing with its oxymoronic presence and absence, attachment and detachment, time is the veiled protagonist of Fagioli’s pieces. As with an ancient deity, time manifests itself in its creative functions: it shapes destinies and thoughts, lives and deaths, feelings and convictions. While the notion of time has fascinated many artists, Fagioli’s unique artistic perspective depicts a different aspect of time’s agency in the universe. His glance is focused on time’s merciless reshaping of forms, its jovially brutal flowing that alters patterns, changes forms, and unveils what was supposed to stay hidden. It is like if time were amusing itself in this process of constant alteration of forms, shapes, and structures.
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